Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the Product work in any heating system?

The product works in both domestic and commercial ‘wet’ heating systems. That’s heating systems that have radiators containing water.

Can I install the product myself?

For domestic installations, Yes! However if you are not a competent DIY’er and have never ‘bled’ a radiator I would recommend contacting a local plumber. For commercial installations it is recommended that either an in-house maintenance operative or contracted plumber installs the product.

How long does the product work for?

The product will last for three years in a heating system. If the system experiences any ‘bursts’ or ‘leaks’ or draining down, then the product will need to be replenished.

How much of the product do I need for my central heating system?

The averaged sized domestic heating system would need approximately 500ML of the product. (This is based on a three bedroomed house with up to 10 radiators). For commercial installations, we tailor the installation to suit the size of the system and implement a 1:100 ratio. We can calculate this easily using your current system size and boiler type. Please feel free to contact us using the form on the contact page.

Can the product really save up to 15% per annum?

Yes it can. And we can prove it. Controlled trials of the product by Scarborough Borough Council produced energy savings of 18% in Feb 2014.*

*It has to be noted that this trial used the original product which did not contain the inhibitor.


Will it work in my old heating system?

The product will work within any wet central heating system. Older systems may experience reduced performance due to the age of the system and a natural build up of debris within the pipework. It is recommended that commercial systems, over three years old are power flushed and re-charged prior to product installation. This will ensure optimum performance and energy savings are achieved.

What is product made of?

The exact formula is a commercial secret. I can say that the original product has been proven, after tests by the Power Assessment and Training Centre, Carshalton College, not to cause damage to wet heating systems. In fact, it has been established that the product could actually aid the properties of other heating additives such as inhibitors.

How much does the product cost?

Approx £20+VAT per litre. Discount for volume.