Council business case.

This is the business case as set out by Scarborough Borough Council,which is a client of mine. I worked directly with the Council’s Energy Manager during this trial.



Business case:

Location: Scarborough Town Hall

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to reduce the energy used to heat the council’s buildings without affecting comfort levels.

What do we hope to Achieve?

The Council seeks Energy Efficiency in all of its operations, and as such heating and the heating of water has been identified as an area where savings can be made.

The Product


The product, EnergySaver, is a chemical additive to a heating system.

It works by improving the heat transfer co-efficient of water within the boiler.  When water contacts with the heat exchange unit (tubes) it boils.  This nucleate boiling creates large irregular bubbles which carry the heat into the main water flow.  As these bubbles develop their size causes them to come together and restrict the heat transfer.

EnergySaver changes the way water boils at the heat exchange unit by generating a myriad of smaller bubbles which pulls the heat away faster than in untreated water.


Effectively the energy saving additive improves the efficiency of the heat transfer process and thus reduces gas consumption.  The energy saving additive is injected at a ratio of 1/100ltrs based on the volume size of the heating system.  The product has previously been on trial at Whitby Harbour Office.

What is the Cost?

The energy saving product supplier have provided the following quote to supply and install

Estimate Costs of Works –    

Supply/Install 87 Litres £3,360.00

Time Scales: 

The company have indicated a turn around time of 3-4 weeks from purchase order to supply and installation.

The actual supply time was 5 days from receipt of Purchase Order.

What are the potential savings?

Annual Gas Consumption 805,904 Kwh

Annual Gas Consumption after works 721,385 Kwh

Energy Saved per Year   84,519 Kwh

Energy Saved per Year 10.5%

Project Cost £3,654.00

Cost Saving per year @ £0.0342 £2,959.70

CO2 Savings per year 15.5 Tons

Payback 1.2 Years



This project is for the heating system within Town Hall, King Street offices and Customer First. The King Street offices are on a separate heating system which lends itself to being; drained, cleaned and flushed prior to the energy saving product being injected. Therefore a higher level of anticipated savings can be forecasted for that system and as such will warrant its own scheme.

Following consultation with Chris Martin (Gaselect) we have been informed that, draining and flushing of Council heating systems is extremely rare and has only been undertaken in the past upon request.  Chris has also mentioned that draining and flushing the town hall system would not be recommended as it would lead to further complications.  Chris Martin has trialled the energy saving additive at his home where he has reported a notable difference in his hot water temperature.

Author: Jeremy Carter, Energy Manager at Scarborough Borough Council.




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