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When choosing to protect your central heating system you have a number of choices;


You could choose ‘boxed solutions’ sold on ‘case studies’ ranging from hundreds of pounds £££ (the same kit which can be bought on eBay for £90 apparently!), or choose a wet heating additive for £36 for 500ml which doesn’t provide protection for your central heating system (there are heating additives which do contain inhibitors, which do protect your heating system and cost less than a tenner!)


You could choose an award winning product, which has been tested for 2000 hours and has a 10 year warranty* Terms and conditions do apply though, see here:

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the industry leading manufacturer of magnetic filters for the maintenance and protection of central heating systems.

Installed in more than three million homes throughout Europe, ADEY’s MagnaClean® filters collect the damaging black iron oxide sludge that builds-up in heating systems. In doing so, MagnaClean helps reduce heating bills and maintenance costs protecting boilers for longer.

Having invented the Queen’s Award winning MagnaClean filter, ADEY produces an extensive range of filters for all types and sizes of properties and heating systems along with a comprehensive range of premium chemicals.

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The Magna Clean is installed in more than 3 million homes across Europe. Now that’s IMPRESSIVE!

MagnaClean – The industry leading name in magnetic filtration in the central heating sector

If you’re experiencing problems with your central heating system, such as cold spots in your radiators, low heat levels or excessively noisy systems, ADEY has an extensive range of products that can help resolve these problems.

ADEY’s MagnaClean is installed in more than three million homes throughout Europe, helping to protect central heating systems and boilers against the damaging black sludge.

This ‘black sludge’ is formed from a natural build-up of black iron oxide which will quickly impair heating system performance, eventually causing boiler damage or breakdown which could prove to be extremely expensive to repair.

Installing a MagnaClean and ensuring your heating system is topped up with our MC+ chemicals will help to protect your heating system, improving efficiency and helping your boiler last longer. Without the black sludge in your system, hot water is able to circulate more efficiently, flowing at a higher pressure, which means as a homeowner you won’t need to use as much energy to heat up your home.
And you could save up to £66 per year on your central heating bills*.

Always ask for ADEY MagnaClean – the leading brand in central heating system protection.

– See more at: http://www.adey.com/homeowners#sthash.Xjro1arw.dpuf

Thanks for reading and information courtesy of Adey Professional Heating Solutions. Click the link to find out more about this award winning company.

Philip Smith-Lawrence