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..The English institute of Sport did. But so did EnergySaver.

The customer’s requirements should always be the supplier’s primary concern and that means listening to them.

In the case of our recent trial of EnergySaver at The English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, we had to first build a business relationship with the relevant individual at SIV Ltd so we could discuss the possibility of SIV using EnergySaver.

What we as a company had to remember was that SIV Ltd manage a portfolio of unique venues, including The English Institute of Sport, which are used by professionals and the community. Sheffield International Venues Ltd (SIV) is one of the largest sport, leisure and entertainment companies in Europe, specialising in outstanding spectator and participation events.

As outlined on SIV’s website:

‘Over 4m visitors each year enjoy thrilling professional sports; award winning personal health and fitness; exciting leisure activities; dazzling entertainment shows and memorable events. We also offer consultancy and corporate management services, sharing our vast experience of venue management with the public and private sector across the UK.’

So you can understand why, as a business, we needed to listen to SIV’s requirements, accommodate them and ensure a WIN for SIV. This WIN would also have a far reaching impact on our business in the future.

Here, I shall digress slightly. Taken my comment above about the future impact on any business of a successful, or disastrous relationship for that matter, I was recently party to a communication sent by an employee of another company that stated “Bring your A game”. Firstly, in my opinion, business is not a game, and if you use this terminology and the phrase “Bring your A game” it implies to me that the company/employee, has in all probability, a ‘B’ and ‘C’ game! When in fact any business should only perform and supply its products and services to the very best of their ability, at all times. In my opinion when you are in business using the phrases and terminology mentioned above, is not professional and it certainly will not contribute to the building of a long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship.

I was introduced to Sean Midgley GCGI, MCMI, Tech – IOSH, Energy and Environmental Manager at SIV Ltd by an existing client of ours, Jeremy Carter, Energy Manager at Scarborough Borough Council, SBC are also a client of SIV’s. I had obviously undertaken my research on SIV Ltd and this had shown that they were a very well respected company in their chosen sector, and they had been awarded a prestigious Carbon Trust Standard, see here; http://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/article/Company-Awarded-Prestigious-Carbon-Trust-Standard

Initially we were invited by Sean, to provide input on, and to try and help resolve a situation with a product that our R&D Director, Darren Magee Snr, had an in depth knowledge of. There was no financial gain to us during this period, it was simply us starting to build our mutual business relationship.

My role was to build the business relationship and find out the Why, How, Where and When from SIV in respect of EnergySaver;

☛Why – would SIV want to use EnergySaver?

☛How – would SIV want to trial, monitor and asses EnergySaver and our services as a whole?

☛Where – would SIV use EnergySaver in their portfolio of venues?

☛When – would SIV want to start using the EnergySaver product?

All the above points needed to be addressed but they wouldn’t be agreed at one meeting or within any specific timeframe. This wasn’t in anyway going to be a ‘quick – win’, that wasn’t we wanted anyway, as I could see the future potential in a solid business relationship between SIV Ltd and EnergySaver.

The WHY? We needed to show SIV that not only would EnergySaver be the right product choice for them, but that the service we provided thereafter would also be first rate. To do this, and over a number of months, I had numerous conversations and exchanged correspondence with Sean about his, and SIV’s future plans and goals to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. We also discussed a number of other energy/renewable sectors that I was not conversant in but Sean was, I learned a lot to say the least.That said, this was an integral process for us as we needed to ensure that EnergySaver and our services dovetailed into the aforementioned plans and also helped achieve Sean’s and SIV’s goals. I believe that my existing business relationship with Jeremy Carter of Scarborough Borough Council also helped this process and the trial we we undertook at the Town Hall in Scarborough provided independent data that EnergySaver worked.

The HOW? SIV has a portfolio of venues that could have been suitable, and still are, for the EnergySaver. We had to agree which venue would be suitable and was a trial of EnergySaver needed first? This decision was made by Sean. A trial of the product over a pre-determined period would be needed and Sean would install, monitor and assess the EnergySaver using his proven methods and systems, including CUSUM. We, as a company, were not to be involved in this process. This was agreeable to us as it would mean that there would be yet another truly independent trial of EnergySaver undertaken, and we simply had to supply the product.

The WHERE? Taken the portfolio of venues at SIV one had to be chosen that had a wet heating system that would provide conclusive results. Also, there was the ongoing maintenance, upgrades and new installations of equipment at certain venues that also had to be factored into the decision making process. It was decided that The English Institute of Sport would be the best venue.

The WHEN? There is no real science behind the process to make this decision, as all the venues in the SIV portfolio have historical usage/consumption data and ongoing monitoring in place. The decision had to be made based on the current workload and commitments of Sean and any maintenance schedules at the portfolio of venues. So April 2014 was agreed on as the start date and the EnergySaver was duly delivered to SIV a number of weeks prior to the agreed install date.

After the EnergySaver had been delivered to SIV a document outlining the trial was produced by Sean of SIV, you can read the document via the link below;

The trial of EnergySaver at The English Institute of Sport was a success.

You may say that SIV Ltd and EnergySaver both had a ‘WIN’ and you would be right.

Here are the headline figures from the report;

1. 110 Litres dosed into the wet heating system at the end of Match 2014.
2. Gas consumption in Apr 2014 reduced by 15% and in May 2014 by 16%.
3. Projected savings over three years – £24,000.
4. Projected ROI 7-8 months.
5. Projected reduction in CO2 emissions 59 tonnes per annum.

You can view the final report via the link below, but there will be further amendments in the coming months as the savings continue.