About – Inhibitors with Energy Saving Properties.


The A1 Build Cert Approved Inhibitor (with Energy Saving Properties) Wet Heating Additive Saves up to 15%PA on wet heating costs.
What is it?

The product is a technology which protects the wet heating systems as it is an A1 Build Cert Approved Inhibitor, and as it has energy saving properties, it could save up to 15% on the costs of fuelling both a wet domestic or commercial heating system.

✓It is a A1 Build Cert Inhibitor which protects wet heating systems and has Energy Saving properties.

✓Less energy used to heat your home or business, saving you money every month.

✓Very cost effective.

✓Eco friendly, natural ingredients.

✓Easy to install with very quick results.

Shockingly, some people are classed as experiencing fuel poverty and have to make a choice between eating and heating their home!

Energy Saving products can provide real energy savings. They are, in the main, easy to install and most are supplied ‘ready to use’, which can help save you money for both domestic and commercial users.

The product can be used in wet heating systems in schools, academies, hospitals, care homes, hotels, nurseries, schools, leisure centres, golf clubs and many other businesses or domestic properties, both large and small.

◆Energy efficiency is no longer a life choice, more a necessity!◆

And the best is always saved until the last……

The product which is an A1 Build Cert Approved Inhibitor with Energy Saving Properties DOESN’T cost £36  per 500ml like other wet heating additives without the protection element!

It costs less than £10 for 500ml!!!

That’s £26 less per 500ML….which means a saving to the customers of £26…just on the purchase of the product!


the other products DON’T have the inhibitor properties !


To find out more information please contact me, Philip Smith-Lawrence using the form on our ‘contact us’ page.


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